Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

The speed and accuracy of delivery depends on the information you fill in when registering on our website, so please make sure to provide us with a valid mobile phone number in order to contact you when delivering your order.

Free Delivery:

Free shipping on orders above Rs.1200

Delivery Schedule:

Monday - Friday

Within Punjab & Islamabad: Next day delivery

All other cities: Within 3 days

Our official working days are from Monday to Saturday, and delivery is not available on Sundays, holidays and public holidays.

Delivery Service Provider - by Swyft Logistics

You will be receiving SMS notifications from Swyft Logistics once your order is available for dispatch and/or out for delivery. You may click on the link provided to choose your delivery timings and location. 

Delivery Tracking:

For any follow up or tracking of orders, you can contact us at 

Cities Covered In Delivery:

Please click here to download the full list.