About Us

Nutritien is a certified brand of Lifestyle Snacks (Pvt.) Ltd. We are the manufacturer of premium keto, protein, gluten-free, cereal & date snacks in Pakistan. The products are developed under strict quality standards, as reflected by our certifications. We aim to provide our customers with the convenience to enjoy snacking, whilst maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At Nutritien, we believe that one should enjoy the food they love.

CEO Profile

Aamer Fayyaz is the founder and CEO of DoFreeze LLC, based in Dubai. Dofreeze is a global leader in innovative food and bakery products. The company sells products to over 4 continents and 50 countries across the globe. Aamer Fayyaz is also a board member of Savola Foods Co. Bakery Business. Savola is a Saudi Arabian industrial company. The company sells edible oils, sugar, and fresh dairy products, and has restaurants serving fast foods. He owns Lifestyle Snacks (Pvt.) Ltd, based in Pakistan. Lifestyle Snacks sells packaged bakery products such as biscuits, brownies, cakes, cookies and rusks under the brand name Eurobake. Nutritien is an initiative started to launch keto, gluten free, protein, cereal & date snacks in Pakistan.